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We need sponsor for our STEM apps! Your sponsorship will fund our development and marketing efforts. Your sponsorship will also fuel our downloads and educate our users about the contribution of your company to advance their particular field of interest.

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Your organization has an opportunity to support the central objective of the Indevant STEM educational history apps. Our STEM history apps are designed to educate young aspiring professionals to learn about the origins of their field of choice. If your organization decides to sponsor our applications, then we will coordinate with your staff to add a corporate flash card to our flash card apps that highlights the history and contributions of your company with text and images of your choosing. Additionally, your company flash card can also be used to promote current recruitment and promotional programs at your company. Your company flash card will be integrated into our apps in a manner that is informative and promotional but not intrusive. Additionally, your organization will have an opportunity to also educate our young readers about the history and contributions of these unsung American heroes!

Contact us (at stemapps@indevant.com) to learn more about our sponsorship program and your chance to introduce our young application users to aspects of your corporation that should be better known.

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